US Visa information

The F1 Student Visa (5 years) is for students going straight to a US 4-Year college/university. If you are going to a NJCAA (Junior) College, or studying on a two year Graduate (Masters) programme, then it is a 2-year Visa, which if you are going to a US Junior College, you will top up when you transfer after two years.

Before you can make your on-line /verbal application to the US Embassy, 33 Nine Elms Lane, London, SW11 7US, you must first ensure that you have received your I20 form from the US College.

You must then have paid your on-line SEVIS fee and obtained an Official Receipt.

When you reach this point, you can then contact the US Embassy for an appointment.
The US Embassy website address is:
The link for the FI student visa is:
The link required for a US Visa application is:

When you have succeeded in getting through to the US Embassy, they will ask for credit card and passport details, as well as some information that is on the 120 form (this is the form that has been emailed to the student from the US college or university). The US Embassy will ask what date has been given for entry into the USA?  This date will be on the I20 form.

  • They will also ask if you have any cuts or blisters on your fingers? If you have, they will advise do not come along and to re-book your appointment, this is because they take prints from each of your 10 fingers.
  • When you have booked an appointment, they will then forward you the DS 160 form, which you will complete online, following their instructions.
  • You will then be asked to complete an online Application form (DS 160). You will need to complete ALL the information on this form and insert your photograph into the space provided. You will be asked if you have completed full time education after leaving Elementary School.
  • As Elementary school is the US equivalent of the British Primary School, you will answer this question with an affirmative – Yes, as it will be referring to your secondary school/college. You will then submit this form online and the information provided will be waiting for you at your appointment.
  • It is also worth noting that your two-year post-16 education at either college or 6th Form school, is classed as High School in US terminology.