The service can you expect from Sporting Chance USA:

  • services1Following your initial application, we will liaise with your college tutors and college/club coach in order to assess both your academic and sporting suitability for a USA University / College Sports Scholarship. On receiving a positive report, we will then travel to watch you compete for your college or club. We believe this way, we will get to see you perform at your very best in familiar surroundings.
  • An early meeting with the athlete and his/her family, in order to explain the fundamentals of the USA College Scholarship procedure.
  • Concise Athlete Profile compilation to enable US Coaches to evaluate your sporting and academic achievements and potential. As all US Colleges now require DVD evidence of an athlete’s performance, we will visit your club/college to obtain and then edit your own personalised DVD. This DVD evidence will then appear on your online Athlete Profile.
  • SAT & ACT preparation papers & answers, registration advice, support & guidance.
  • services2NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Center registration advice, support and guidance.
  • An extensive marketing programme to US Universities / Colleges and Coaches
  •  Each athlete will be asked to attend selected Showcase days. We video all our Showcases and provide edited individual videos for all our signed clients. These are then included in their personal Athlete Profiles.
  • Regular reviews with every client. Advice and guidance on selecting the right US College for you.
  • Assistance with all US University / College Application forms, SEVIS Fee, F1 Student Visa & Personal Insurance.
  • Press releases to every athlete’s local newspaper (optional).

“I have struggled and it’s been a long journey, but you can look at it two ways. You can let it do your head in, damage you, or you can push and keep pushing, work harder and harder.”

Samuel Eto’o