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08 Aug

Another very satisfied parent!

Hello Phil
Hope you are well and apologies for not writing to you earlier. I know Adam has spoken to you on his return this summer to give you his own update.

Looking at your website, I noted one of your slogans is ‘Changing Lives Forever!’ In Adam’s case that has been true. There was no doubt after 10 years of playing UK Academy football, Adam would have no problem in getting a soccer opportunity in the States but, he has also thrived academically. In his first year at Santa Barbara City College in California. He was ever present and was awarded the accolade of Athlete of the Year (all sports). In addition, he also received an award – Phi Theta Kappa Membership, this being given to him by the College President! Only a few students receive this and it helps when securing a university place.

To be honest if anything, I thought he may struggle with the academic challenges but he has applied himself both on and off the field in a positive and mature manner and was rewarded for his efforts.

Last August, I attended the pre-season training for a week and was impressed with the facilities and coaching. I also had the opportunity to meet other parents and discussed their sons’ journey to arrive out in California. I
realised that coming to you at Sporting Chance USA had offered us real value for money in your personal approach, advice, direction and encouragement that you gave while at the same time pushing Adam to follow the necessary procedures required to achieve the goal of securing a place in the USA.

Great job, you were right – hard work still has its rewards!

John L Colton (parent of Adam Colton) Santa Barbara City College, California
– Men’s Soccer 2012/2013.

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