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Marcus Carvalho 2
07 Nov

18 year old Marcus Carvalho joins our Fall 2021 Men’s Soccer programme

Sporting Chance USA is delighted to welcome 18 year old Marcus Carvalho to its Fall 2021 Men’s Soccer programme. Marcus is an outstanding men’s soccer talent currently playing in South Africa & Mozambique. He is of Portuguese origin and is a quality central midfield player, who can operate equally as effective playing left sided midfield. Standing over 6ft tall and having a strong athletic physique, Marcus  is an imposing player in the centre of the field. He has excellent on the ball technique and the ability and power to go past players. He plays with his head up and is always looking for the forward pass or for a shot on goal. Marcus also has an uncanny knack for knowing where to be at the right time, this skill enables him to get into the box and score a very high percentage of goals for a midfield player. When playing left side midfield Marcus loves to cut inside onto his favoured right foot and is able to unleash a ferocious shot at goal.

Marcus is a very intelligent, likeable and mature young man. This helps him communicate on the field with team mates and he is without doubt future captain material. His intelligent understanding of the game also helps his timing of runs and help him take up positions on the field that are difficult for the opposition to pick up.

Marcus began his soccer career in Portugal at the age of 6, joining his local junior club Luso Morence FC, where he remained for 5 years. In 2012 he transferred to Associacao Amigos Che Morense FC where he also played u14/15 Futsal . He actually won selection for the District Futsal squad.

Having moved to Mozambique in 2019, Marcus continued to excel at soccer and after being his new schools leading goal scorer was selected to train with the Mozambique National u20s squad. Marcus is now a regular member of the Mozambique u20s National Squad. He is also playing for the Sporting Club of Portugal Academy in South Africa.

Academically, Marcus is a fluent speaker of English and he will be taking his SAT in 2021. He has a good set of grades from his education in Portugal and is now studying for his higher qualifications at the Penryn College in RSA.