Insurance information


All students looking to study full-time in the USA will be required to take out personal travel insurance, which includes medical cover. Medic aid in the USA can prove very expensive and we insist that our clients are well prepared for any ‘off-campus’ accidents. Sporting Chance USA has researched the market and has located the UK’s ONLY Long Stay Travel Insurance specialists. For further information, simply click on the link below and select the Study Abroad policy.

All travellers need comprehensive Travel Insurance for the duration of travels.
You have EXPOSURE pre-departure, for cancellation, in transit, in the overseas country, for repatriation and if you wish to travel, including returning to the UK, etc.

STUDY ABROAD……Any students on official study/work experience.
Fully comprehensive – lots of sections of cover including the THREE main sections of all claims…….
Medical £5,000,000
Personal Possessions £2,000
Cover whilst travelling and on campus
– illness, injuries (recreational), doctors, emergency dental only, repatriation. Please check medical facilities on campus.

Example Premiums

Cover available if you (a) have ALREADY LEFT THE UK.

Please Note: The STUDY ABROAD scheme is a leisure travel insurance only and does not provide benefits of cover for Private Health Care. All decisions relating to the authorisation of any Medical treatment and/or course of action such as Repatriation are made by the Underwriter’s Medical Assistance Company. These decisions will always be exercised in good faith and having the best regards to the interests of the insured.

As per the Underwriter’s POLICY WORDING, the key difference between the Medical part of Travel Insurance and Health Insurance is………..
If you suffer bodily injury, illness or disease we reserve the right to move you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation to the United Kingdom at any time during the trip. We will do this, if in the opinion of the medical practitioner in attendance, or the 24 hour emergency medical service, you can be moved safely and / or travel safely to your home area or a suitable hospital nearby to continue treatment.

Our travel insurance is ESSENTIAL and we cannot emphasise this enough but here are some daunting facts……
(a) although such a rare occurrence, one of our Clients, a soccer coach, was murdered in New York

(b) a young traveller involved in a serious motor accident in the Far East had to be repatriated back to the UK. Sadly he had NO TRAVEL INSURANCE. His family were forced to re-mortgage their home for OVER £100,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please ensure you are fully familiar with the HEALTH INSURANCE and SPORTS COVER at the educational institution, who may have alternatives and even combined cover. There are HEALTH INSURANCE schemes through a specialist UK Broker, as noted through our LINK.